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What is Medi-Derm?
This medication is a unique blend of naturally occurring ingredients that have been approved and proven. This formula has been combined with recent pharmaceutical medications to provide a powerful prescription for pain control and has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Pain relief is achieved as a result of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this powerful combination of chemical substances.

Medi-Derm can aid in the treatment of inflammation, muscle pain, muscle soreness, joint pain, stiffness, backache, strains, nerves, and pain associated with arthritis.

What Makes This Formula More Effective Than Other Topical Treatments?
In addition to containing the unique combination of natural and pharmaceutical ingredients, this mixture has been combined with a special blend of skin penetrants which promotes rapid absorption of the active ingredients through the skin and tissue, allowing for deeper penetration into the muscles, joints and nerves. Medi-Derm is less greasy and has an improved scent.

Who Created This Formula?
Medi-Derm was created by a team of physicians, pharmacists and labs, with over 30 years of experience. They have dedicated their careers to the management and treatment of pain. This formula is the result and product of years of scientific research to find the most effective topical pain relieving formula.

Product Information:

Medi-Derm 120 gram NDC #76074-120-01

Medi-Derm is FDA registered. Medi-Derm is on the following
Drug and Pharmaceutical resource databases.

Red Book, MediSpan, FirstDataBank. Medi-Derm can be found on
the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, DWC Workers Compensation
Pharmacy Fee Schedule.

Medi-Derm has passed complete Laboratory Assay testing.
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